Nov 19


Ultra Diamond is Tiamet3D’s first game changing material, made possible by MCPP Netherlands. It is the first step in realizing our vision for creating a wide range of ULTRA high performance nano composites.

Ultra Diamond features:

  • One of the most rigid material on the market (6300 MPa)
  • Completely new nano composite technology for 3D printing
  • Nonabrasive and non hygroscopic
  • Prints like PLA performs like high end polymers
  • Much cheaper vs PA Carbon
Sizeø toleranceRoundness
1,75mmø 0,05mm95%
2,85mmø 0,10mm95%
DescriptionTestmethodTypical value
*Results on printed objects:
Technical University Delft & VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Specific gravity (g/cc)ISO 11831,35
MFI 210°C/2,16 kg10
Strain at breakISO 5273,2%
Tensile modulus (MPa)ISO 5276300
Thermal conductivity0,4±0,02
Elongation at break (%)ISO 5273,2
Tensile strength at Max Load (MPa)ISO 52743.5
Tensile strength post annealing (MPa) 65
Impact strength - charpy notched 23°C (kj/m2) ISO 1792
Heat deflection temp. (°C) 0.45 MPa ISO 75-2:2013 B107
Annealed heat deflection temp. (°C) 0.45 MPa ISO 75-2:2013 B125
DescriptionTestmethodTypical value
Printing temp.DF230±15°C
Melting temp.190-220°C


Ultra Diamond is available from stock in Original.



Ultra Diamond@Tiamet3D is available in your own packaging with co-branding from Tiamet3D

Additional info:

Ultra Diamond should not be printed with a bed temperature exceeding 50°C (this tends to causes warping).


Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.