Jul 12


 METAL COPPER is our 80% copper filled filament which is easy to print, sand & polish. With MT-COPPER you can create the most beautiful objects with real METAL characteristics, such as a 3 x higher weight then PLA, a METAL feel & touch and thermal conductivity. Due to the high percentage of fillers MT-COPPER has virtually no shrinkage. A special lubricant increases the flow and prevents MT-COPPER to adhere to the nozzle. F,inally all above combined with the correct hardness results in a filament that can be printed on almost every type of FDM 3D printer available on the market with retraction enabled on nozzles ≥ 0.35 mm.

MT-COPPER features:

  • Approx. 80% copper content
  • PLA-based, 3 times heavier
  • Metal feel & “cold” touch
  • Excellent printability on both direct & Bowden style 3D printers
  • Processing additive added for easy & reliable printing
  • Quick & easy polishing and other post-processing
  • Possibility to print with retraction
  • Works on nozzles ≥0.35 mm
Sizeø toleranceRoundness
1,75mmø 0,05mm95%
2,85mmø 0,10mm95%
DescriptionTestmethodTypical value
Specific gravityISO 11833,41 g/cc
MFR 190°C/2,16 kg-n.a.
Tensile strength at yieldISO 52718,3 Mpa
Strain at break ISO 5274,5%
Tensile modulusISO 5274210 Mpa
Impact strength - Izod method 23˚CISO 180/A9,3 kJ/m²
DescriptionTestmethodTypical value
printing temp.DF210±10°C
melting temp.ISO 294195±10°C
vicat softening temp.ISO 30665˚C


MT-COPPER is available from stock in it’s natural copper colour. For other METALS have a look at our website.



MT-COPPER is available in nearly any type of  packaging and labelling. Keep in mind the high density of the product to select the preferred amount per reel. Ask our team to help you customizing your product.

Additional info:

MT-COPPER can be printed without a heated bed, but if you do have a heated bed the recommended temperature is ± 35-60˚C. Storage: Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly. MT-COPPER can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.

* Please consider the use of a hardened steel nozzle when printing with MT-COPPER. The copper powder inside makes the filament abrasive and will result in fast wear of regular brass nozzles.
* Please have a look at the “Printing, post-processing & other info document” for further tips & tricks.