Feb 07


DSM Additive Manufacturing has one clear goal: to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing, enabling sustainable production and improving people’s living. DSM’s team helped pioneer the additive manufacturing industry more than 25 years ago with their Somos® SLA resin products – and they never stopped innovating.

They draw on decades of experience in 3D printing technologies, performance materials and deep application expertise to help manufacturers change the way they design and manufacture products. Designs that were challenging or impossible to produce with other manufacturing methods are now possible with 3D printing. And for the production of low volume batch size, 3D printing is already a more interesting option.

Digital, connected and distributed manufacturing has become a reality with 3D printing, allowing you to use more efficient and sustainable production methods. Furthermore, with 3D printing, you can personalize or mass customize products in a cost-effective way.

At MCPP Netherlands we develop materials and manyfacture for 3rd party companies only. Our partnership with DSM is a good example of how chemical companies collaborate in 3D printing to develop this fast growing market. MCPP Netherlands BV is toll manufacturing filaments for DSM and supports DSM in the distribution of their filament product portfolio by customizing for and supplying the distributors of DSM. We fully support these high quality engineering plastics and do believe in partnering with other chemical companies.