We are one of the world’s largest polymer based 3D filament manufacturers with a skilled team in the FFF or FDM Technology.


The Quality Control & Printlab enable us to completely control the quality of the filaments that we produce. They also take care to test new developments and / or support our partners with the right settings and much more. Due to our extremely specialized team we are able to pretty much test anything that our partners request. We like to be challenged!

Part of R&D group

Supporting the creation of new materials by testing printability & technical properties.

Quality control

We constantly acquire samples from extrusion to make sure that the quality is maintained throughout production.

Supporting sales and marketing

Creation of profiles to generate a plug-in play solution.
1. Printing samples to showcase colours and properties
2. Printing professional marketing objects

Supporting the customers

Helping the customer with issues while printing on different machines and advice different print profiles to create high quality printed objects.