Mar 15

Wood filament: New colours added!

Dutch Filaments is proud to introduce our newest addition to our wood range: Light natural wood & Off-white wood!

When we introduced our last two colours it became apparent that people really love Wood @DF but were looking for an even larger range of colours! After careful development and testing we were able to create a lighter wood that allows us to extend our range significantly. In turn this will allow us to be able and create many new colours with Light natural wood as it’s base.

wood filament

We hope that you share our excitement and share our love for these new colours.
There are plans to work on launching another colour in the future though we will first focus on other materials.

Light natural wood & Off-white wood are available as of right now so get your order in soon if you want to be one of the first with the new colours!

If you have any questions regarding the new wood products please contact Richard or Remco.




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