Feb 27

PA-CX12@df: A high performance nylon for everyone

Dutch Filaments is proud to announce our new engineering grade nylon filament called PA-CX12@df.

PA-CX12@df is our easy to use engineering grade nylon filament with a huge range of interesting properties that include, but are not limited to, high impact, crack & scratch resistance, superior chemical & UV resistance backed by a very low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability.

PA-CX12@df is the perfect nylon filament for those that are looking for an easy to use nylon filament that does not disappoint mechanically. PA-CX12@df is available in 3 colors of which the clear version has a light transmittance of 90% (crystal clear). PA-CX12@df is food contact (FCA) & water contact approved and can be sterilized under the right conditions. For more information about the chemical resistance of PA-CX12@df please have a look at the information leaflet that comes with the technical datasheet.

We believe that PA-CX12@df is the right answer to other high performance nylons on the market and is sure to convince even the most demanding user.

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