Feb 14


ONE PET @TRIDEA is a 100% recycled filament made from post condensed PET pellets that were collected and recycled from plastic waste in Brussels. ONE PET is the same material that plastic water bottles are made from. Where our regular PET-G has a better impact resistance ONE PET is a... read more →
Feb 14


Tridea is an enterprise active in the 3D printing domain; it has developed a new process of creating filament made out of recycled plastics. Their mission is based on the premise that there is no such thing as waste. Their ambition is to create value from local plastic waste... read more →
Feb 07

Partner materials

Partner Materials are the result of our continued efforts to partner and/or work with innovative and market leading (chemical) companies. These partnerships have made it possible to offer our clients some of the most innovative & best performing materials on the market. Examples include; FDA approved antibacterial filament, Durabio and... read more →
Nov 27